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Here are some of our products


  • High performance trading engine
  • High liquidity
  • Margin trading
  • Advanced order matching algorithm
  • Low trading fees. 50% discount with RPD tokens
  • Strong security

Crypto Asset
Fund Exchange

  • Private fund that invests in bitcoin , ethereum, litecoin and other digital assets.
  • Unique position to diversify from traditional investments with potential high return
  • Exclusively focused on investing in blockchain technologies and start-ups.


  • Accept Bircoin, Altcoin and Fiat payments
  • Point of sale
  • Option to convert Crypto to fiat instatly
  • Easy intgeration through Plugins and Apis

Crypto Debit

  • Spend multiple Fiat and Crypto currencies
  • Save 2-5% on Exchange Rates
  • Earn RPD tokens as Rewards


  • Turnkey solutions
  • Technology & legal review
  • Marketing solutions

White Label

  • Whitelabel available on Crypto Exchange, payment Getway and Debit card.
  • Make Rapidpay a true global player

Additional benefits to buyers of Rapidpay Token

Option to become white label partners

RPD tokens tradings on major crypto exchanges

Discounted fees on all your plateforms

Ability to participate in ICOS before general public

Participate and Contribute in company decision making


Buy Coins


1 RC = 10 Dollars



  • 1 RapidCoin = 0.0025 ETH , 1 RapidCoin = 0.0002205882353 BTC , 1 RapidCoin = 0.0125 LTC
  • If you are purchasing token from BTC or LTC then you will have to claim tokens by entering your information in to the claim form.

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What will be the RPD token will used for?

RPD tokens can be used to pay fees on all of our plateform.Holder of tokens will gets discounted rates and other holding benefits including profits share.

What is RPD token supply?

Total Supply is 200 Million and tokens are available for ICO are 100 Million

Will you do another ICO at later stage?

No.Will never do any additional RPD token ICO

How can I buy RPD tokens?

You can buy RPD token via our official ICO website using BTC LTC BCH.After the ICO closes you will be able the to purchase RPD tokens through different Exchanges.

When do I recieve RPD tokens?

ICO contributors will recieve their tokens with in 7 days of ICO.Token will be transferrable within 7-14 days after the ICO closes.